For Candidates

Important information to keep in mind when applying for a job

How we help you

  • There is absolutely no cost to you to get onto our data base or when we help you in the recruitment process.
  • We do interviews on Saturdays and after hours in the week. Video interviews can be done using WhatsApp, Skype or Zoom. You tell us what is best for you.
  • We do not contact your current employer for references.
  • We work strictly according to the POPI Act. Your personal information is safe with us.
  • We do all the work on our side, including verification with HR departments on reason for leaving, references with previous managers you reported to, verification of criminal clearance and clear credit records, where required.

Stuff you need to know

  • If you have submitted your CV to our client already, either on your own or through another agency, then regretfully we can't assist you further with that application.
  • As our clients pay us a fee to find someone for them, they have certain selection criteria, and we need to honour that. If you apply and you don't have the relevant requirements as per the job ad, we regretfully can't help you. Very much like when you go to a restaurant and you order a specific meal and you are served something else. It is not what you asked for and you are not prepared to pay for it. Please respect this.
  • Regretfully we can't respond to each application we receive, either via job portals, or WhatsApp messages or e-mails. Thank you for understanding.

The Recruitment Application Process

  1. You send us your CV in application of the position advertised.
  2. If you qualify for the job as per the client’s requirements, we will contact you.
  3. You complete an Application Form (POPI Compliance) and submit all your other relevant documents to us.
  4. You will need to submit proof of salary and commission income, depending on the position applied for.
  5. We do reference checks and previous employment verifications.
  6. If the above is in line with the client's requirements, we schedule an interview with you.
  7. The client may require proof of criminal clearance and clear credit record. We will tell you what to do and where to go when it is needed.
  8. Your CV is transcribed into our fantastic professional CV format, and we discuss the opportunity with you. Only then do we submit your CV to the client.
  9. We let you know if the client wants to meet you for an interview, or if you are not quite the right fit for them right now.
  10. We give you feedback after your interview, help you negotiate the best remuneration package, obtain a formal job offer and also help you with your resignation / assist you in your resignation process.
  11. We support and guide you when you start your new job. We are always there for you!
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